Digging trenches

In the last two weeks we were preoccupied with digging. Or rather, with watching digging. We hired our old friend to do a few small jobs, but somehow he ended up staying for two weeks (on and off) and literally digging up massive rocks for drainage and sewerage pipes for two remaining unrenovated wings of … More Digging trenches

News: Facebook Page

Hello from wet wintery Galicia! We shouldn’t complain about rain though, as due to very dry long summer all water deposits needed urgent refill. And land needs it. We expect dry sunny weather from tomorrow on after two weeks of heavy rain. So all good. News is that Casas 15 now has a Facebook page, … More News: Facebook Page

2016. New beginnings

Happy New Year 2016! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas. As it has been raining since first days of January, I can only give you some December pictures. In fact, weather was pretty good last month, a bit of frost first but dry and sunny for the most of December. On Christmas day we drove … More 2016. New beginnings

Farmhouse Update

October was a busy month for pointing and rendering. We have finished first floor of the farmhouse, as you can see. I pointed the terrace wall last winter when we caught a few warm days. Still work to do on the ground floor. So here’s  some sunny October pictures of Casas 15: Now you see … More Farmhouse Update

September Update

First of all, thank you to those followers who actually emailed us asking if everything is OK. I guess, in absence of posts, some wondered whether we are still alive considering wife and husband (builder but nevertheless) are putting the new roof on their house themselves. Well, we are well, thank you. And very touched … More September Update