Plum Clafoutis

As you might remember, I was planning to bake some sort of tart from our abundant pears. While I was scouting the net for the recipe, my husband picked some of our delicious yellow plums, and after realising it was a greek yogurt in the fridge, decision was made. I am making a plum clafoutis! Pears will have to wait…

Our yellow plums

I used this recipe for cherry clafoutis, replacing cherries with plums obviously and omitting kirsch and some little bits. I always change recipes (doesn’t everyone?). I almost never use butter (we just don’t buy it) and replace it with Flora, and I totally dislike cream in any shape or form and use yogurt or milk instead. As for clafoutis itself, it is a very easy French dessert which can be made with all sorts of fruit.

I made a clafoutis before, many years ago, in another life time, with cherries, but that’s all I remember. So I was relieved when after 40 long minutes, my plum clafoutis turned up more than OK. Especially considering it was baked on the BBQ – our permanent cooker.

BBQ - our cooker

Two generous takings each, and it was gone. Plum clafoutis – highly recommended!

My plum clafoutis


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