Chargrilled Peppers

Vegetables keep coming from that very successful organic garden. I quietly panic and try to do what I can to preserve them in every way possible. With what’s left after feeding local community, a local shops and a few restaurants. Which is still a lot…

So I have started to char grill peppers (actually, husband is in charge of grilling).

Freshly chargrilled peppers

After skinning, I simply put strips of peppers into jars with extra virgin olive oil. Delicious on their own with crusty bread, or in variety of dishes. Olive oil soaks the peppery flavour from peppers and tastes divine! I personally can live on food like this.

Chargrilled peppers in olive oil

I use both italian and bell peppers for this dish, whichever are ready to pick. We’ll try to wait for them to go red but I think thinning them to speed up ripening wouldn’t hurt. I find char-grilling a good way to use up the peppers as it takes a lot to fill a jar!

Our organic italian and bell peppers

What do you do with your peppers??


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