A day out in Ribeira Sacra. Cañon del Sil

Hi all.

This winter felt somehow long. Weather didn’t help, it’s been mostly wet and cold. Apart from few sunny and quite warm weeks, when temperatures risen up to 28C, then just as rapidly plummeted to 15C. You can go from flip-flops one day to winter boots on another.

It’s quite unusual for Ribeira Sacra microclimate (that’s where we live), but normal so for Galicia in general, for this time of the year.

But, thank heavens, May has started off well, and we couldn’t resist a wander in the car around some beauty spots of Ribeira Sacra.

On a nice sunny day, at the very beginning of May, we headed off to Canyon del Sil where you can take a boat trip  (we keep promising ourselves to go, one day soon) along stunningly dramatic riverbanks with cliffs and vineyards.

Vines have started to bud in vineyards of Sil riverbanks
Vines have started to bud in vineyards of Sil riverbanks


Boat trips on the river from Canyon del Sil
Boat trip on river Sil is a must!


Boat trips on river Sil
Take a leisure boat trip to enjoy stunning scenery of Ribeira Sacra


Dramatic scenery of river Sil
A view from the cafe


Cafe-bar on embankment is a place to wait for your boat
Cafe-bar on embankment before boarding the boat


Vineyards on riverbanks of river Sil
Terraces of vines cover steep riverbanks of river Sil


Wild flowers along river route
Early spring brings abundance of wild flowers


Wild lavender in abundance
Wild lavender along the route


A Cantina - roadside restaurant in Doade, Ribeira Sacra
A Cantina is a very popular restaurant in Doade, Ribeira Sacra

It is said that in Galicia you are never far away from a restaurant. Totally true! Even on this route, in the middle of what might seem like a rugged landscape of steep riverbanks and vineyards, there is a cafe-bar on the embankment (see above), then in Doade, passed the Bodegas Regina Viarum, there is this very popular bar-restaurant A Cantina. You’ll never get starved in Galicia!

Doade is also where one can take a tourist ‘wine train’ around vineyards of Ribeira Sacra, stopping to sample wines and local gastronomy, and see monuments. What’s not to like!

A Cantina's menu
A Cantina’s menu


Everyone is relaxed in Ribeira Sacra
Everyone is relaxed in Ribeira Sacra!



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