Deer from the Bedroom Window

February didn’t spoil us with good weather. Apart from an odd sunny day, it rained for the most of the month.

And just to finish on high, it snowed on the last weekend of February! Snow didn’t stay and melt away though as it wasn’t cold enough.

It snowed for a day in February

So when that Saturday I decided to take a photo of snow from a bedroom window (I wasn’t going anywhere!), look who I spotted – two beautiful deer! Snowing stopped by then, and I was mesmerised.

Two deer through my bedroom window

There they stood, right behind our garden, on our neighbour’s land which he lets grow wild. I guess that lovely grass is what attracted the gorgeous deer. They saw me, I’m sure, but stayed for about ten minutes nibbling on the grass. Then off they went into the woods. They made my day.

Two deer in neighbouring garden

One can see deer almost every day here in Ribeira Sacra during winter months. Often they run across the road as you drive, and we always stop the car and marvel at grace and beauty of these animals.

I also saw a deer crossing our vineyard a while ago. It run so fast I almost thought it was a vision. Before I knew it, that deer was gone!

Wild life is something tourists come over to Galicia for. We almost stopped noticing birds of prey along with other varieties of birds. They are simply everywhere!

Back to weather, it cleared on Sunday, and Monday – the last day of winter, 29 February – was very sunny and warm. Spring is here and it won’t be long before we start complaining about the heat.

So let’s enjoy rain! Like Russians say, there is no bad weather, there’s bad clothes…


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