2016. New beginnings

Happy New Year 2016! Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.

As it has been raining since first days of January, I can only give you some December pictures. In fact, weather was pretty good last month, a bit of frost first but dry and sunny for the most of December. On Christmas day we drove to Monforte de Lemos (only 10min drive), had a lovely walk and a coffee. Most bars and restaurants were opened, and serving food as usual, at usual prices. I mention that because I remember this time of the year in the UK, and it is sheer madness everywhere. You have to book Christmas dinner in advance, and you will pay an arm and a leg for Sunday lunch and a cracker. Other places would be shut altogether.

I do like pre-Christmas buzz, the carols and the lights in the UK, apart from its too commercial side. Spanish celebrate it differently. Spanish Christmas is more religious than commercial. Their festive meal is being celebrated on 24 December on Christmas eve. About 9pm all the family sits down for a long feast which finishes into early hours of Christmas day. Until 8pm all the supermarkets and restaurants would be open. On Christmas eve we had a drink in a one of our local bars at about 7pm, and no-one was in a hurry to go home and rush the customers out, they were still open after we were gone.

And today is a bank holiday due to another Christmas related day – Tres Reyes (Three Kings). Today is the day when Spanish children receive their Christmas presents. Usually there are street processions with decorated with 3 kings carts throwing sweets to the kids on the streets. Shame it is a bad weather day for them.

We did manage to point the remaining bits of South wall just before Christmas. Also, at last, carpenters delivered and fitted five more windows for upstairs, just days before Christmas. We even decorated a tree in newly created room, insulated and plaster boarded by Steve. So it all water tight now and ready for bathroom fitting and plastering. Then three new doors, painting, furnishing, and guest accommodation will be ready. Don’t ask me about the date!

Now all windows and doors are new, walls pointed, and roof water-tight


Looking pretty now!

Because the weather all around Europe (Galicia not exception) was so mild, we, like many locals, have pruned our vines already. On 1 January there I was, outside with my secateurs. Rain started right on the next day, and I finished my work just in time!

Vines had to be pruned 2 months earlier this year due to mild winter. 01 January 2016

What will 2016 bring? Let’s hope for new dreams, new achievements and new beginnings. Happy New Year!

Future guest room

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