Farmhouse Update

October was a busy month for pointing and rendering. We have finished first floor of the farmhouse, as you can see. I pointed the terrace wall last winter when we caught a few warm days. Still work to do on the ground floor.

So here’s  some sunny October pictures of Casas 15:

800 terrace october 2015
The terrace side of the house, waiting for two more new windows, Oct 2015
800 pointing undergoing 2015
We need two more windows on this side to match the wonderful blue-grey door and our bedroom windows above, all installed last year.

Now you see it (look at four side windows)…

800 house before roof and pointing august 2015
August 2015 – before the new roof and with four side windows still there…

Now you don’t – the corner new bedroom still has two windows which are still to come to replace these old frames.

800 house october 2015
Three out of four side windows were bricked, and new render is drying out.

We still need to finish off pointing the ground floor, but we turned our attention to work indoors…

Steve is keen to do the upper floor: two more bedrooms, one en-suite and the landing where a staircase will provide us with a new access to the first floor. Currently we access through the old droughty stable door straight to our bedroom. So these new rooms have now been timber-framed, insulated and plaster-boarded. Almost. We won’t finish by Christmas but it would be nice to have at least warm rooms to wonder around, rather than living only in one room. Even five new windows and a staircase are being delayed by the carpenter (we ordered in August!), so until then we’ll just do what we can, hopefully pointing the building as well, weather permitting.

I am leaving you with this picture we took in the summer. A bird decided to bring up her babies in our back vineyard. Very trustful! We guided the chicks (there were three) from neighbouring cats until they flew the nest with their mother. This one egg remains here. Maybe next year they will return??? Who knows…

Birds nest on the vine.jpg
Birds nest on the vine in our back garden. Chicks were so cute!

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