Autumnal Colours of Ribeira Sacra

We are in the middle of November now, and it seems like autumn wouldn’t last long before giving in to winter. Sun hours are shorter, we had several rainy days, nights are cold and damp, but it is still relatively warm day time (up to 19C some days) thanks to the microclimate of Ribeira Sacra. On both coasts of Galicia (especially in the North) it has been a lot colder and wetter.

We have all seasons here in Galicia and especially in Ribeira Sacra where you can experience seasons by simply watching vines.

Vines are just about holding on to their leaves, another week and they all will been gone, leaving vines bare for the winter. Until next spring, when new cycle of life starts all over again. Vineyards in the autumn are just as pretty as in the summer, I find. If anything – even more colourful.

A few weeks ago I took some pictures of autumnal vineyard, when leaves just about started turning red on red grapes vines, and yellow – on white grapes vines. As you know, this year we gave all the grapes away to one friend in exchange for some wine when it is ready to drink (late spring usually). Steve and I were in the middle of roof and render works, so really had no time for wine making. We do hope to start next year as grapes were very good, and we didn’t take it lightly to part with them after all the hard work looking after vines for two years.

So here’a some photos of our vineyard in October:

800 autumn vines
Red and white grapes vines are showing their colour in the Autumn
800 vineyard in the autumn
Autumnal view from the vineyard Casas 15
800 back garden
Vines in the back garden – mostly white grapes

Hasta pronto, and in solidarity with French people – à bientôt! See you soon.


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