Panic! Guests are coming!

It’s been a busy weekend, and a very frustrating one at that. Hands up anyone not happy with Windows 10? Me!!! After free upgrade to Windows 10 last month, firstly I had to tune up my HP laptop in order for it to work properly. It went fine. Then, last week, my HP printer refused to scan. At the very moment when our accountant needed 100 plus pages of documents to be scanned and emailed to him. Because tax office is after yet another tax…

So after about three days on-and-off fiddling with my printer – uninstalling, installing, updating, tuning-up – then seeing on HP forum how many people couldn’t resolve similar problems (aha, it’s not just me!) Steve and I decided that it is better for my health to go and buy a new printer/scanner.

Isn’t it scandalous?? My three-year old printer was working perfectly well until Windows 10 came into my life, and now I have to spend extra money on new one, waste my precious time on shopping (I hate shopping!) and setting up new printer, instead of working with my husband on finishing off the roof. Steve is convinced this is conspiracy from Windows and Co to extract money for new gadgets.

So on Saturday we travelled to Ourense’s Carrefour superstore (30min of admittedly very pretty drive along river Minho), and after about 2 hours of decision-making we paid for ‘middle of the road’ Canon all-in-one printer, plus ridiculously expensive ink, in hope that it would be compatible with Windows 10.

Viewpoint river minho 5min drive from us
Spectacular view of river Minho, only 5 min drive from our house, on the way to Ourense. It is one of numerous beauty spots of the region.

Thank God it is! Today I made myself sit down and scan endless pages, and only a few moments ago I’ve emailed the last of them to the accountant. At the end, ‘free’ Winfows 10 upgrade turned out to be a very expensive and stressful affair.

Why I am also so annoyed at this waste of time and money is because on Saturday we expect visitors, a couple from Steve’s family who have been to Galicia before and must have liked it, despite absence of my usually high standard of guest accommodation, – because they are back.

In fact, there is no accommodation. In the whole house (which was uninhabitable for 40 years) the only renovated room is our en-suite bedroom. There is no lounge, and there’s no kitchen as such. We live in our bedroom like in a hotel room, with a kettle, a toaster,  Sky TV (we are very lucky to have English TV, because amusing as it is, Spanish TV is so bad that you might as well skip your TV – better for your health if you have zero patience and hate long ads).

So our visitors are going to camp in the garden. They are prepared. Luckily, it is still warm and they are ‘camp-friendly’ with experience of camiping all over France. So fingers crossed for good weather.

What we are trying to achieve upstairs (apart from extending our own living space) is 2 extra bedrooms and a bathroom, so friends and family can come and stay. We love visitors and always try to spoil them with good food and entertainment. My future guests will have comfortable beds, beautiful furniture Grange style, Egyptian cotton bedding, fluffy towels, spectacular views and delicious food.

But at the moment we can mostly offer spectacular views and delicious food, as guest accommodation is a building site, thus the tent will appear in the garden by Saturday.

Future guest rooms
Future guest rooms

Also by Saturday, apart from finishing tiling the roof (we have to finish because after nearly six weeks Steve is absolutely sick of it), there is a courtyard and a terrace to clear from mountains of old wood and tiles, so we can at least sit and dine on the terrace with our visitors. Scaffolding will be still there but it would be nice to have a terrace cleared.

500 courtyad mess
We need to clear this courtyard before guests arrive!
500 terrace mess
My number One priority this week (after all the tiles are on the roof) is cleared terrace!

Now you can see why I am so annoyed with printer saga, as we have to finish off everything we plan before Saturday.

We are already thinking of guests menu for three days of their visit, it is going to be Spanish, VERY Spanish, with lots of seafood as well!

I know they would be panicking reading this. It’s too late, my darlings! We’ll be there in Santiago airport Saturday morning waiting for you. Hasta luego!

Dining out Grange style
One day we’ll greet our guests in Grange style!

2 thoughts on “Panic! Guests are coming!

  1. Put them to work, on second thought no but camping in your garden will be OK. That garden is pretty interesting based on what I have read in earlier posts. But we all feel pressure when guests arrive. Here in Houston we have had exactly one guest in 4 years. NO ONE WANTS TO GO TO HOUSTON. Everybody wants to be in Galicia.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Funny enough, we didn’t push them but this desk job couple have worked! Jane was pointing with my brand new mason hammer, and her husband pushed a wheel-barrel trying to clear the terrace. When rain started next day, not sure who was more relieved lol…


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