We are mostly tiled!

We are very tired but very pleased with ourselves – the husband and wife team have managed to re-roof and re-tile two-thirds of the largest wing already. With no help from anyone.

When I thought there is no way I could lift those double tiles up to the roof height for Steve to lay, how wrong was I. Until you try, you just never know what you are capable of!

We have worked out the system when I split a bundle into two of three tiles and took them to the second floor by the ladder, then passed them to Steve onto top floor through the opening of scaffolding. It works well so far.

I look at it as a free gym. Benefits: I get fitter, it’s free, I enjoy it, the house is being done, and we don’t need to employ anyone. I think both of us can’t believe that we managed to progress that far without extra workers. Of course, it helps that Steve understands building work. And it also helps that we are both fairly fit despite everything.

Oh, and I very casually walk around any floor on scaffolding whenever I please! Another tick – heights are no longer a problem (I still wouldn’t do mountaineering though even if you paid me!).

As for my husband, he is just my hero. I can’t say any more… It just occurred to me that this blog turns into an admiration site to my husband. But he deserves to be admired, on this occassion, he really does.

To stop boring you with something I don’t entirely understand myself, let me show you some pictures of pretty new tiles of our new roof – tejas Borja, the best clay tiles available, made in Spain. In the North of Galicia black slate is traditionally used, whereas here in the South it’s red clay tiles. Must be to do with our Mediterranean-almost climate. It was even specified in the roof license which we got from the Council that we have to use red tiles only. It’s a bit like in France each village has a choice of 2-3 colours for window shutters and you have to stick to it.

So here we go. I know it’s only roof but to us it means a lot…

DSC02567. 550 tiles are down on two sides
Tejas Borja are now covering most of the main wing of our property
DSC02571. 550 2nd side to tile
Still another side to tile
DSC02572. 550 more reroofing to come
And then three other roofs and a ruin to do…
DSC02583.550 roof 2 sides tiled
East and South sides of roof are done
DSC02575. 550 tiled roof back
New tiles on South side
DSC02534. 500 hailstones
Hail storm last Sunday, you can see hailstones on the ground, that was something else!
DSC02524.550 felt and batten finished
Amazingly, felt and batten withstood Sunday’s hailstorm with no drama, as tiles were not there yet. Inside was dry as a bone!
DSC02579.550 tomatoes ripening
We are having so many tomatoes that last night I had to freeze some freshly made passata. As you can see, more to come…

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