Roof Update

After last weekend rain disaster, Steve progressed on the roof and almost finished felt and batten. Unexpectedly, it was raining today again so we couldn’t work. Wind in the recent days was driving Steve crazy as felt is so light, and he’s working on his own. He’d like to finish with felt and batten tomorrow, and roof will be ready for tiling. We’ll have a helper to get the tiles up to the roof, as it would be too much for me as a woman to carry bundles of six tiles that high.

Since we had scaffolding, the highest I’ve been is the second floor level (each is 2 meters high). For some reason, a few days ago my husband ‘invited’ me on ‘his roof’ – third floor. I quickly agreed before he changed his mind, as he used to say it’s too dangerous for me. I am not very keen on heights but as long as I can hold to something (railing), I’m fine.

So I grabbed a camera, and here’s a sneak look of what’s happening from the bird’s view.

DSC02471.500 roof ties
Waiting for the ‘new look’.
DSC02485.500 felt
Breathable felt is waterproof. Spanish builders usually do not use it fixing tiles straight on battens.
DSC02483.500 roof
Steve at work.
DSC02491.500 long roof
This roof is longer than it seems! Brown sheets at the end (temporary cover for our current bedroom) will be off to be replaced with felt like the rest of roof.
DSC02496.500 view from scaffolding
Bird’s view from the roof.

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