Grange and Me

Years ago, what seems like a life time, I was working in a high-end furniture store which stocked some of the best British and European furniture. Although I didn’t entirely enjoy my time there, I learnt about wood and leather, it made me appreciate good quality furniture, and it got me into interior design.

I believe life is a journey, and everything happens for a reason. Of which later…

Out of all furniture brands, one of my favourites remains Grange – French cabinetmakers since 1904. Its fine furniture is unique, timeless and of unsurpassed quality.

Grange catalogues – my bedtime reading.

Grange furniture is simply beautiful: each piece is hand-crafted, hand-stained and even personally stamped by craftsme. Its collections vary from exotic to classic, and catalogues are just exquisite!

I can never get tired of browsing through their pages, always finding something new. In fact, I use them as my bedtime reading, or take one with me on a trip instead of a book. They are not just catalogues of furniture, these are lifestyle books.

I love this photo, it is so Grange – a piece of art sat amongst Burgundy vineyards. I can easily see it in my own vineyard!

Grange classic – amongst Burgundy vineyards.

When I said above that everything happens for a reason, I believe that Grange had actually influenced my taste not only in furniture, but also in houses. ‘Grange’ comes from a surname of a founder Joseph Grange, and it remains a family business today. But incidentally ‘grange’ from French is a ‘farmhouse’…

My husband and I always lived in Edwardian and Victorian houses, and we loved the elegance of period properties. However, I always wondered what it would be like to live in a farmhouse. Steve said, I even mentioned once that it would be nice to have a vineyard one day. Now, I don’t quite remember saying that (surely I didn’t mean it?), but isn’t it bizarre that we now own a Farmhouse AND a Vineyard?

I dreamed a dream???

Not quite finished patio – with French Blue and Lavender.

Grange and me, it sounds like a love affair. Is it? Probably. Of course it is! Because the impact Grange had on me can be seen in my choice of plants (lavender everywhere), wooden doors and windows painted in French blue instead of traditional Galician brown, green wooden fence – not brown again as every local suggested to me, and in many details of my interior design.

We love our new doors and windows, and the colour too. It changes all the time depending on lighting – like fifty shades of blue to almost grey. Oh so French, and I’m not ashamed!

DSC02012.500 kitchen
New wooden doors with shutters: double aspect kitchen.


Our painted green country style fence – we are the only people with a wooden fence (must be due to upkeep?)

I guess, subconsciously I try to bring a bit of Provence into our farmhouse in Galicia. I wouldn’t want to live in France, I love Galicia, but my Farmhouse may have a little bit of Grange!

Recently I have been dreaming of French country kitchen… Can you hear me, magic fairy? I DO mean it this time.

Country style kitchen ideas.

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