When Rain is Both Good And Bad

I’ve already mentioned that we (and land) are suffering this summer 2015 from drought quite badly, so when it is eventually raining, it’s good, right? Wrong.

Well, a bit of both. Regarding the land, we don’t need to water the garden, every plant had a sigh of relief. Regarding people, we have a break from heat and are quite happy with a bit of ‘grumpy’ weather and fresh air.

Wet wet wet… View from a window.

However, for our small family, this seemingly ‘little’ rain over a few afternoon hours have turned into a monster, so much so, that right next door to our bedroom (the only ‘living’ quarters) rain has gone through the floor, all the way to bodegas where a lot of our boxed staff is, and I actually started to worry…

Heavens opened…

Then, to add to our misery, it started dripping off the ceiling in our very bedroom!

You’d never think we live right behind this blue door! A few days before rain, building up the new roof structure.

All because, of course, old roof has gone and new roof hasn’t gone up. Steve has built all new timber structure, and started to ‘felt and batten’, but most of scaffolded wing of the building is open to the elements, hence the wet disaster.

New timber roof, ready for felt and batten.

Fortunately, rain didn’t last that long, and we managed to cover everything up with plastic and buckets. Forecast is looking good from tomorrow on for a while. We have time to finish the roof off without nasty surprises, hopefully.

Can’t wait to see new shiny red tiles above our heads! I’m not asking too much, I am???


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