It’s Fiestas time!

Every year, every August, fiestas are coming to every town, city and village of Spain. And if anything, Galicia has even more fiestas than any other Spanish province: there are 200 only Food fiestas per year. Galicians simply LOVE to party.

Our nearest village of Ferreira is no exception. For 3 days people party from 11am til early hours. There are activities for everyone – from very young to not so young.

Friday afternoon, in the Plaza of Concello, there were all sorts of kids’ amusements including fun slide, bouncy castle and the very popular foam bathing.

Fiesta time!
Foam party in the square was most popular!

While the adults enjoyed a drink or two, kids were having a party! Just as well, because today is pouring rain and I guess Sunday second round was cancelled…

Bars and restaurants filling up with people

As usual, in Campo de Ferias, there is a concert every night for 3 nights. Last year we saw the stage erected, the size of it was fit for Rod Stewart, I swear! How council can afford all this, it’s a mystery… Priorities are clear – fiestas come first!

Well, next weekend there is NO WAY we can avoid the night life of our very own pueblo. Believe it or not, there are merely 20 houses in the area including our hamlet, with an average age of 85 (I exaggerate only very slightly), but without fail, every last weekend of August, they throw a fiesta, with a band and all, and party until at least 4am – FOR THREE DAYS! Last year we were very new, and didn’t attend, for what I was told off… so we both agreed that we HAVE TO GO this year. God help us! I’ll keep you posted…


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