Our well is not well…

When a well is not a well? When it’s empty! That is what happened – it is empty, and consequently our well is not well.

The well dried out by 1 August 2015.

Three and a half months without rain is something of extreme for this part of the world. It also has been way too hot, some days hitting 40C! We gave up on a lawn, all grass dried out, but I read somewhere that grass will always re-grow, it’s just ‘dormant’ now. I’d like to think it’s right because we spent a lot of time and money creating this part of the garden, levelling with a digger and growing the lawn from seeds.

Thankfully, temperatures are much more agreeable now, and last night and today – ta-dah – RAIN! Never thought we would welcome rain so much, coming from wet climates but what a relief…

As we also have main water, having a dry well means that until it replenished with water, garden will be watered by mains. So it is not a complete disaster…

When we purchased the property, previous owners said that you can’t drink water from the well. We have analysed it in the local pharmacy recently (20€ and 3 days), and it was confirmed that water isn’t drinkable but perfectly alright for watering vegetables and garden in general. Our neighbour suggested that it is especially beneficial for tomatoes, I think she’s right on that one!

The original state of the well was ‘ancient’ to say politely, so in order to pump the water from the well, Steve had fitted new pump (bomba) and a tap last summer. He even built a wooden door which I painted green, same colour as a fence, and a new roof.

A well with new ‘bomba’. July 2014 (and the grass is greener).

We have to sort proper irrigation out for the garden, as watering by the horse-pipe is very time-consuming, and wasting too much water. Next year perhaps. Like Steve says, ‘put it on the list’…

Summer 2014 was a lot milder, and we did have green grass and water in a well…

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