Jam making: plums

Among very few things we have inherited in the garden, there is this plum tree which is the only Old fruit tree producing properly. Even last year (our first summer here) the yellow plums were quite large, although few.

Juicy yellow plums – almost ready to eat!

We both like plums, luckily, so are more than happy to have this mature plum tree. It is not the prettiest of trees, due to long neglect, broken by wind branches, and our winter pruning. But despite all that, we were pleasantly surprised to collect between 5 and 8 kg of plums this July, too much for eating and enough for jam. I made about 12 jam size jars and used this recipe, it’s very easy and straight-forward:


I didn’t measure as such, and I always use less sugar as I don’t like things too sweet, I even added juice of a few lemons. And my plum jam is lovely! I have to take some photos later.

We also planted several young plum trees around the garden, and here’s the first new plums:

Red plums – first harvest.

I just think it is so nice to eat something straight from your garden, these fruit smell delicious, and they taste divine! If you don’t use any pesticides and synthetic fertilizers (we don’t), than your produce is Natural and truly Organic. Bon appétit!


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