Work in progress. The roof…

This is the look from inside, pictures taken 3-4 days since Steve has started work on replacing the roof of our farmhouse. Unlike usual ‘roof jobs’, due to ours being so old, we have to replace all wood as well as tiles, plus to work on those stone walls with concrete, as nothing is straight, and Steve goes crazy if it’s off level even a 1/2cm.

Levelling is very important! Steve working on new roof, August 2015.

The only thing we can use is old chestnut beams. Other than that, we are basically building the new roof from scratch.

Old beams are the only thing remaining for new roof.

Heat and wasps are Stephen’s main enemies at the moment, but he doesn’t complain much. We are happy with the progress.

New wooden structure of the roof, August 2015.

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