Oh the Pears!

This old pear tree is one of few fruit trees which had undergone very drastic pruning last year, due to probably never been pruned in its life. I reckon it is pretty old, judging from the fact that the farmhouse was unlived in for 50 years. It was covered in brambles (dreadful Brambles!), and since we pruned it last year, we couldn’t expect much. We thought to give it a chance, and then take it from there.

New pears of the Old pear tree.

Well, hard work paid off. We have a few bunches of aromatic, juicy (I know because we already tasted them), beautiful organic pears! So pleased, both of us, like children.

Three old apples trees, on another hand, are not so ‘clever’. One had to go recently, as much as we didn’t want to cut it, two others produced a few apples, but they are not very tasty I am afraid. We will keep them though, even only for the shade. Some thinning will be done autumn or spring, to beautify them, and these old guys will be used perhaps for the hammock, if not for fruit!

Space for the hammock reserved!

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