Waiting for tomatoes

This year we were given the tomato seedlings by the lady in our local supermarket (Gracias, Maribel!), and after last year’s garden fiasco, I think we are finally in luck!

When everyone tells you ‘In Galicia you just put the seeds in the soil, and everything grows, you have to do nothing!’, you believe them don’t you? It is NOT THE CASE with our garden, because in our garden nothing grows unless you work really hard, water, feed, and basically know what you are doing.

Last year we (or I) failed miserably to grow pretty much everything! So this year we planned to prepare the soil with manure and start again. Except we have been away a lot and did none of that, and so when Maribel presented us with 30 something young tomatos, we just had to plant them at the end of a garden and hope for the best.

Guess what, they are quite good! We don’t spray them with anything, just water every day (well almost!) from the well. I googled how to pinch and prune them, and I tie them to sticks regularly, that’s all. So our tomatoes are virtually Organic!

My husband says he is very proud of me.

Our organic tomatoes. Can’t wait!

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