Roof Update

After last weekend rain disaster, Steve progressed on the roof and almost finished felt and batten. Unexpectedly, it was raining today again so we couldn’t work. Wind in the recent days was driving Steve crazy as felt is so light, and he’s working on his own. He’d like to finish with felt and batten tomorrow, … More Roof Update

Grange and Me

Years ago, what seems like a life time, I was working in a high-end furniture store which stocked some of the best British and European furniture. Although I didn’t entirely enjoy my time there, I learnt about wood and leather, it made me appreciate good quality furniture, and it got me into interior design. I … More Grange and Me

It’s Fiestas time!

Every year, every August, fiestas are coming to every town, city and village of Spain. And if anything, Galicia has even more fiestas than any other Spanish province: there are 200 only Food fiestas per year. Galicians simply LOVE to party. Our nearest village of Ferreira is no exception. For 3 days people party from … More It’s Fiestas time!

Wish I was here…

August is here, meaning we can only go to the beach after the holidaymakers leave Galician coast (we like it quiet), some time in September or October. This picture of a small pretty beach was taken last October: water was wonderfully warm for swimming and beautiful beaches were not crowded. Pure bliss! Apparently, in Galicia … More Wish I was here…

Mad about herbs

As Steve continues with the roof job, I entertain myself by working in the vineyard (it’s all-year round job, despite what some people might think, now it’s thinning time), checking and re-tying the tomatoes (they just about start ripening), cleaning the mess after Steve’s day work on top floor and in bodegas below and whatever … More Mad about herbs

Jam making: plums

Among very few things we have inherited in the garden, there is this plum tree which is the only Old fruit tree producing properly. Even last year (our first summer here) the yellow plums were quite large, although few. We both like plums, luckily, so are more than happy to have this mature plum tree. It … More Jam making: plums

The grapes

Our grapes are spectacular this year, I must say. Considering they have been through years of neglect, on this second year of ‘new life’ we gave them, our vines have fully recovered. Yes we lost a few vines in between, and Steve and I promised each other that we will replant them with new vines … More The grapes