Beautiful Villages of Ribeira Sacra: Os Peares

We are obviously biased but almost daily Steve and I marvel at how beautiful Ribeira Sacra is. This is why we chose to live here. The area is packed with villages of outstanding beauty perched high on river banks. Recently we visited Os Peares – a mountain village just off the national road N-120 between Monforte … More Beautiful Villages of Ribeira Sacra: Os Peares

Plum Clafoutis

As you might remember, I was planning to bake some sort of tart from our abundant pears. While I was scouting the net for the recipe, my husband picked some of our delicious yellow plums, and after realising it was a greek yogurt in the fridge, decision was made. I am making a plum clafoutis! … More Plum Clafoutis

Chargrilled Peppers

Vegetables keep coming from that very successful organic garden. I quietly panic and try to do what I can to preserve them in every way possible. With what’s left after feeding local community, a local shops and a few restaurants. Which is still a lot… So I have started to char grill peppers (actually, husband … More Chargrilled Peppers

The Pears

You might remember that across Europe spring threatened to come a lot earlier this year, resulting in unusually for December-January high temperatures. That made us start pruning the vines on Boxing Day instead of February as everyone feared buds coming out on unpruned vines. Looks like vines didn’t get affected by warm winter much. Can’t … More The Pears

Digging trenches

In the last two weeks we were preoccupied with digging. Or rather, with watching digging. We hired our old friend to do a few small jobs, but somehow he ended up staying for two weeks (on and off) and literally digging up massive rocks for drainage and sewerage pipes for two remaining unrenovated wings of … More Digging trenches